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The Worship Guitarist’s Guide -Line 6 Pod Go- eBook by Sonny Bever


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The Worship Guitarist’s Guide to the Line 6 Pod Go” is an invaluable resource for worship guitarists seeking to master the Line 6 Pod Go in both church and live performance settings. This comprehensive handbook, authored by a seasoned guitarist and recording/live sound engineer, seamlessly combines technical expertise with practical insights, making it a must-have for guitarists looking to elevate their worship music experience.

The book’s structure is both logical and user-friendly, starting with an introduction that warmly welcomes readers into the world of the Pod Go. The detailed table of contents provides a clear roadmap for the journey ahead, ensuring that every aspect of this versatile device is explored thoroughly.

One of the standout features of this guide is its ability to cater to worship musicians of all levels, from beginners to seasoned players. The author’s friendly tone and step-by-step approach make even complex topics accessible. For those new to the Pod Go, the initial chapters provide a solid foundation, explaining the device’s features, benefits for worship music, and user interface navigation.

The heart of the book lies in its exploration of presets, tone creation, and practical tips. Chapter 3, in particular, offers an exceptional dive into crafting the perfect worship guitar tone. The author’s attention to detail in explaining signal chains, amp models, and effects settings is commendable. Guitarists will find themselves not only learning but also discovering their unique sound within these pages.

Chapter 4’s practical tips for worship guitarists provide a treasure trove of insights. From creating ambient swells to effectively using delay, reverb, and modulation effects, the author’s guidance is practical and immediately applicable. Dual amp and stereo effects are demystified, allowing guitarists to create expansive tones that enhance the worship experience.

The book doesn’t stop at the basics. It delves into advanced techniques in Chapter 5, covering the built-in looper, MIDI control, and snapshots for seamless song transitions. These advanced features can take a worship guitarist’s performance to the next level, and the author’s explanations ensure that readers can implement these techniques effectively.

Chapters 6 and 7 address recording and live performance, respectively. The guidance provided on connecting to a computer or audio interface, optimizing settings for recording, and capturing high-quality tracks is invaluable for musicians looking to document their worship music. The live performance tips, on the other hand, offer practical insights into integrating the Pod Go into a worship setup, setting up for stereo performance, and using it effectively in a band context.

Chapter 8 is on the Go Block charging system for the Pod Go Wireless is a thoughtful inclusion. It showcases the author’s commitment to keeping readers informed about the latest developments in Line 6’s products.

The Bonus chapter is great and has tips on using the Dual Delay effect for creating rich soundscapes.

The book even has a section dedicated to troubleshooting and FAQs, ensures that readers can overcome common issues and find answers to their burning questions. It’s a practical addition that makes this guide a comprehensive reference for any Pod Go user.

In conclusion, “The Worship Guitarist’s Guide to the Line 6 Pod Go” is a meticulously crafted handbook that strikes an ideal balance between technical expertise and practical guidance. It empowers worship guitarists to unlock the full potential of the Line 6 Pod Go, enabling them to create captivating worship music experiences. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this guide is an essential companion on your musical journey.


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